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Our Story

Vision BBQ was founded in 2020 by Charlottesville locals and friends Gabi Barghachie and Mike Blevins. Each have spent decades cooking for and serving the local Charlottesville community. With a shared love of true Virginia BBQ and the initial dream of starting a from-scratch pickle business, Gabi and Mike decided the better idea would be to open up a BBQ shop that would allow them to make and serve authentic BBQ plus all of their delicious homemade sides and sauces, including their iconic pickles. They collected their carefully crafted recipes - most of them created specially in house and some passed down from beloved ancestors such as Mike's Grandmother's corn muffin recipe - and developed their authentic menu, designed to feed, to satiate, to create community, and to invoke a warm and familiar nostalgia. Boldly starting smack in the middle of COVID, they first served their BBQ at a handful of pop-up events. With immediate popularity and a demand for more, they quickly shifted gears to open up their store front. The result - a friendly, welcoming BBQ shop that offers all of the tastes, smells, delightful conversation and kitschy farm decor that is your nostalgic, Americana, Virginia BBQ experience. 

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